Запонки из золота с ониксом
Собственное производство ювелирных изделий из золота и серебра, всегда для наших клиентов доступна отборка со склада готовой продукции, давальческая схема работы с золотом, быстрая отгрузка со склада – это не полный перечень преимуществ нашей фабрики. Мы предлагаем Вам продукцию которая продается . Огромный опыт работы нашего производства, позволяет максимально быстро выполнять заявки клиентов.
Зажим для галстука золотой с ониксом

-It is the elegant jewellery made by the recognizable leader in the world of the man's jewellery the at democratic prices.

The local factory of the jewellery made of gold and silver, the selection of the goods for our consumers from the finished goods warehouse, the tolling schemes of work with gold, fast shipment from the warehouse. We offer you the goods which are in demand. The vast experience of our work allows us to provide our clients requests quickly

женская подвеска с фианитами из золота
Женское кольцо из золота с фианитами
женские серьги с фианитами из золота

The history of the fabric

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Золотое кольцо, браслет, мужское с ониксами из золота и серебра

The history of the jewellery industry as any other industry has had experience of the neglecting and rebirth of the traditions. The definite person's desire and will is often the crucial factor for such kind of changes.

The Karavaevskaya Jewelry Factory was lucky - after the decades of the devastation and the desolation the factory was restored to life in order to achieve success at the new stage of development in the years of the transformation.


The Karavaevskaya Jewelry Manufactory was famous in the 19 century. The silver cutlery produced here were delivered to the capital -Saint Petersburg, where they were the adornments and the pride in the notable grandees’ houses. However, after the Revolution the factory fell into ruin and was destroyed.

And it was only in 1996 when thanks to the efforts of businessman Alexander Anatoljewitsch Badin the production of the jewellery was recommenced.
“When we decided to recommence the factory, there was only name left from the previous manufactory, there was neither building nor the manufacture left. The famous factory was step by step renewed thanks to the enthusiasts’ efforts in the former place”- Alexander Anatoljewitsch recollects in his mind. Today just like 120 years ago, the skills of the masters of the Karavaevskaya Jewelry Factory brings fame to the domestic jeweller’s art. The rich Russian tradition of the jeweler's business, the use of the cutting-edge, world-class technologies and the European high quality is the basis of the development of the fabric.


The present Karavaevskaya Jewelry Factory is the modern manufacture where we use the newest technologies of the jewelleries’ production.
The fabric produces and sells in bulk the jewellery items made of gold 585 fineness and silver 925 fineness with the precious, semi-precious, synthetic stones and pearls.
The range of goods of company numbers more then 8000 items of classic and European design. It includes various items of the different style, material and style: the rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, all varied taste, for people of different age and social status.

The consumers who have average income will choose for them the golden jewellery from the Cubic zirconia series or with a natural stone: in the generous framing Topazes, amethysts, chrysolites, grenades do not look like the pathetic excuse for the jewellery. The rings and earrings with brilliants are produced for more wealthy connoisseurs of luxury.
Following the traditions, at the fabric the diamond products are released with the white gold 585 fineness.
Such jewellery delight made from the white gold perhaps cannot be found in other companies. The widespread technology of the rhodium plated of red or yellow to imitate the white one.

The youth collection of Anioto's and the Celtic Heritage is for the young people who follow trends.

The items with the diamond facing and new models of the facet of diamond or the new models of the signet rings.These jewellery is original thanks to their design – the rings are placed around the finger, that is why a signet ring looks not like a square as it usually does but it is oblong, stretched. Such jewellery was popular at the turn of 18-19 centuries.
However nowadays they are not just beautiful, but they are quite lightweight. Thanks to the usage of the latest technologies a signet ring of appropriately
3,5 grams is snazzy, massive and expensive. There are no analogues of the collection on the market.

All the variety of goods of our fabric is united by the impeccable quality at the not high price. The secret of the masters of the Karavaevskaya Jewelery Factory is that the jewellery items are original in their design despite its' light weight that reduces its' price. The professionals of our fabric have made it clear that the beauty may be reasonable. Like a century ago, the permanent quality of the fabric's goods is outstanding. The skilled specialists monitor closely the implementation of all the norms of jewellery manufacturing are maintained. Thanks to the serious professional selecting, the real experts in their fields work in our factory. According to the staff of the fabric, "there have never been such a total quality control before, but now the fabric and the items only get a benefit from it."

Thanks to the original design and the quality at the law purchase price, our fabric is popular in the business. The system of preferences and privileges makes the cooperation with the clients easier. The constant partners of the fabric know that one can buy the up-to-date jewellery items at a good price in the famous Karavaevskaya Jewelry Factory. It is easy to choose the interesting jewellery from the outstanding range of goods for the final consumer. The special consumer's wishes are made in the manufacture of a product on demand.

Moreover, the fabric delivers the goods.


And the Karavaevskaya Jewelry Factory and the businessmen of before last century have one more tradition in common - the great responsibility and engagement in social life. The famous native industrialists have had some remarkable success in the business but they have not contributed to the development and well-being of Russia. The governing body of the Karavaevskaya Jewelry Factory sets its' records. Nowadays it is the "model factory" of the Kostroma region, which constantly develops and makes contribution to the local budget.

The plenty of documents for the engagement in the exhibitions can tell about the success of the factory.

The age-old patronage of art traditions are alive and well today. The factory takes care of the countrymen - helps the veterans, young families and other people who are in need. So, thanks to the efforts of the Karavaevskaya Jewelery Factory the traditions of domestic jewellery industry are persisted and multiplied.

мужские запонки из золота и серебра сониксом

The collections 


Everybody knows that men cannot decorate themselves with jewellery so much as women can do. As they say, the range of possibilities and the traditions are different.It is a very hard task to decorate yourself with the jewellery and to stay manly. And the only one thing can help - studying the jewellery traditions and apply them skilfully to the nowadays requirements. This task turned out to be solved.

Men's collection "Conan"
Men's collection "Herzog"
Men's collection "Conan"
Men's collection "Anioto"
Men's brand bracelets "BADINI"
Men's collection "Conan"
Men's collection "Conan"
Men's collection "Conan"
Men's collection "Conan"
Men's collection "The Legacy of the
Men's collection "Conan"
Men's collection "The Legacy of the
Men's collection "Herzog"
Men's collection "The Legacy of the
Men's collection "Herzog"
Men's collection "Herzog"
Men's collection "Conan"
Men's collection "The Legacy of the
Men's collection "Conan"
Men's collection "The Legacy of the
Men's collection "Herzog"
Men's collection "The Legacy of the
Эксклюзивные кольца из золота с бриллиантами

Brand «BADINI», that belongs to “Karavaevskaya Jewelry Factory” is the leader in making of men’s jewelry from gold and silver in Russia. Design and quality of products repeatedly confirmed by diplomas at prestigious international jewelry festivals and competitions. ​

Brand «BADINI» produces: prints, rings, cufflinks and bracelets. This product hasn’t analogues on the world market among men’s jewelry. Quality of this product is one of the best in the whole world thanks to professionals and the most advanced jewelry equipment in production.




Jewelry production from «BADINI» makes you rich!​


Эксклюзивные мужские изделия с бриллиантами и золота

The awards


The VIP clients


You can and should find us at the exhibitions:

1. JUNWEX Moscow

26 September - 30 September  2018

Moscow,VDNKh, pavilions 69,75.

    Karavaevskaya Jewelry Factory

               Pavilion 75, Hall A
                    Stand A-512


2. JUNWEX St. Petersburg

31 January- 4 February 2018

St. Petersburg, "Expoforum"


3. JUNWEX New Russian Style

23-27 May 2017

Moscow, VDNKh, pavilion 75.


  • FRI, JUNE 1 - MON, JUNE 4, 2018



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Мужские кольца, обручалки, из золота с бриллиантом, с фианитом, легкие
Мужские печатки с полудрагоценными камнями из золота сапфир


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